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Come say hi at Obesity Week 2015 httpift.tt1H9DfCm

It is distressing to see how weve failed to educate our youth about the dangers of obesity and many other food and lifestyle choices that impact their liver health. Many individuals grow up with the mentality that their bodies are invincible. In reality, their body and especially their liver, needs them to know how to…


2 years ago

Too much TV linked to 8 leading causes of death

Do you have a television in your home? If so, youre part of the 92% of households in North America that do. We bucked the trend for quite a while, but recently also caved and purchased a smart TV. Weve always enjoyed watching movies and documentaries a couple times a week, and were getting fed…


2 years ago

Making TV viewing a bit less sedentary | Obesity Panacea

If youve been reading Obesity Panacea for a while now, youll likely be all too aware thatsitting too much is literally killing you. As Travis has described before, regardless of how much time you spend at the gym, the more time you spend engaging in sedentary behaviour (e.g. sitting) the greater your chance of numerous…


2 years ago

Sweet tweets: How Big Soda uses Social Media to dilute critiques | Translational Global Health

Dr Becky Freeman is an early career research fellow at the School of Public Health, University of Sydney. Her primary research interests include tobacco control, obesity prevention, and how online and social media influence public health.


2 years ago

Why Aren't We All Machine-Friendly Researchers? - Absolutely Maybe

I blame the writing and research impactadvice we get. At least in part. It doesnt prepare us as well as it could for our relationship with machines. When were told to think of the reader, what follows usuallyneglectsthe non-human ones. And when was the last time you saw a stakeholder map with computers or…


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Amsterdam's Wonderful Bicycle Culture httpift.tt1We5uGU

Ive been riding a bike since I was a kid first a tricycle, then one with training wheels, a couple of BMXs during my teens, and over the past 15 years, mountain bikes. I love riding my bike through quiet wooden trials away from the buzz of the city. Its the best form of…


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Des Moines, Iowa Assistant Professor, School of Nursing Job at Mercy College of Health Sciences - NursingFacultyJobs.com

Mercy College of Health Sciences, located in Des Moines, Iowa, is central Iowa's only Catholic College. We havea team of experienced and dedicated faculty and staff who are committed to providing quality health care education for our students. Our core vaues of knowledge, reverence, integrity, compassion and excellence are at the root of our…